l2.exe backdoor/trojan ????? I'm shure is WRONG !!!

It’s impossible to find just like that - l2.exe - (the main executable from Lineage 2) like trojan/backdoor and put into carantine. Until yesterday , this game works fine… This is a comercial GAME, not a fake, or cracked game. It is not posible to delete “over the night” valid executables from aplications in my computer. I don’t think NCSOFT made games with trojans or backdoors hidden in their games…

Hi razor,

A bit more information would help - please check out the following link.

How to report FPs and what information we will need from you.

This information would be very much helpful to resolve the issue.


Razor, you can set the scanner to alert without going to Quarantine directly.
Open CIS, Antivirus, Scanner Settings, on the Real-Time tab untick Automaticaly quarantine threats found during scanning.

I know this won’t solve the FP but it will leave you in control of Quarantine actions.

I add l2.exe to exclusion list and now i can run the game again…

Could you also follow baskar’s post on how to report the FP, that way other users will benefit from it also.


In this evening when i came home, because now , i am at work…

No problem and thanks in advance.

I just sended by email right now. It’s detected by CAV like TrojWare.Win32.Agent.badf@2249676 The executable is main executable from Lineage 2 - Gracia.

The FP should be fixed in the last update. Check and let us know if there are any more issues.

Thanks for reporting, much appreciated.


Yes, everything is ok now… Thank’s (R)