Kudos to Melih Abdulhayoglu and the whole COMODO staff!

Thanks for making free Internet security software available for people like me. :-TU … Moreover, this is not just a free security suite. it has been the only one that has kept me malware-free since I have installed it.

I really like the concept that COMODO is based upon, namely DDP. This is the only security I need and happily use right now, not only in terms of protection per se, but also in terms of very cool features (Kiosk, sandbox, etc) and in terms of quite low resource consumption…

Wish you all the best and keep the good work going ! 8)

+1. Amazing protection for free or very cheap if you go PRO or COMPLETE… ;D :-TU

+1. Comodo Is a lot better than what the test results were in AV-tests. I say it should rank with the top paid security. Melih did a good job.

Melih, You might find this video interesting. They say people stay wis Default allow because it is easier. You created a Default Deny Which I find easy to use. congrats

Comodo is my hero. When all is thought lost. They come and save the day for us.