KUDOS to COMODO -- Great Product!

Just a note ::::::: COMODO-KUDOS

The more I use this COMODO, rather start paying attention to first

screen/gui/front-end, the more I like it. With the firewall security on

Policy, also virus detect live defense to paranoid and the Alert Settings tab

set to high… well, its perfect! No more google surfing log files and other

companies constantly grabbing behavior data or whatever they call it these


Forum posted info :::::
Ah, now just COMMENT ::::::: CRIPPS no email play w/ Reg-Sign-up SWEEEEEEEET! )) )
Instant posting, AMAZING. SO VERY NICE!

Just as i did you found the love and protection of Comodo and + these forums are

Glad to hear it Web-kat!

thanks for taking the time to post it…pls enjoy the product and the forum!