Korumail Premium Problem


Korumail is not seen in the mail logs sent in version 6.7.2 and the mail does not reach the recipient addresses. Mail sending starts after server restart. But it stops again after 5 minutes.

This issue does not exist in version 6.5

What can I do about it?

Note : I reinstalled a few times


will not you help me?

I also have the same problem in pro version, the system stops mail traffic after a while

Hi fatihcrs,

Korumail version 6.7 and above have new features that requires more resources. So we suggest some of our customers to use 8 GB RAM for Korumail because minumum requirement may not be sufficient for huge traffic.

We request from you to use Korumail with 8 GB RAM firstly and if you have still this same problem, please let us know again and we will investigate your logs to find any probable effects.


The server has 4 CPUs and 16 gb ram. I do not think it’s hardware. The problem exists since version 6.6.

You can control it by installing and updating it with your iso. After a while you will see that the mail traffic stops.

This problem is also present in version 6.6.3

Why is nobody interested?

Also, I am installing from your ISO. Intensive mail traffic korumail service is locked. I do not make any updates.

I’m trying VMware ESX 6.0 and 6.5.

I would like to try installation with the ISO you are sharing.

Hi fatihcrs,

Our support guys tried to analyze this situation in our test environment but they did not face anything like this. So that, to identify and resolve your problem they need to access your instance to analyze. Would you send a request about it to our support address: korumailsupport@comodo.com please?


I`m having the same issue on version 6.7.4. Are you able to help with this. I have already emailed support but got no response from them.