Korumail Free Edition -Premium- Package Update

Hi All,

At 15th of May, we will start transitioning our existing Korumail Free Edition a.k.a Premium Package to 6.7.7 delivering below changes in package content:

Please note: Nothing will be changed per Korumail’s Commercial Packages and Dome Antispam or Dome Antispam MSP Licenses, following update will only cover Korumail Premium: The Free Edition with over 25 mailboxes.

New Free Edition Package Content:

  • Usage will be limited to 1 domain and 25 users
  • Linux Root Access will be disabled
  • Office 365 support will no more be available with Free Package
  • Mail Archive will no more be available with Free Package
  • B/W Lists will be limited to 10 per account

Starting 15th of May, grace period notification will be shown to existing Korumail Free Edition users and users will be required to upgrade to 6.7.7 during 1 month grace period.
During this time frame, an Upgrade Notification will appear in your Admin Portal. Due to partial transitioning of existing accounts, the time Upgrade prompt will be shown may differ based on your availability zone. After you upgrade to 6.7.7 you can choose between Free Edition or buy a Pro License. Contents of the Free Edition will be updated as mentioned above.

The new Content means “end of free version”.

Best regards