Korumail 6.7.3 Released!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce our new release. This release provides some features, improvements and fixes. This post communicates all of these major changes in Korumail Secure Email Gateway.

• Additional CC header option is now available in header filters part. Email logs can be searched according to this new filter option.

• Improving stability by arranging update check, presenting history logs and removing used GPL libraries with alternative ones
• Removing promotional menu under main Modules menu since it can also be managed under profiles mng

• Bugfix about creating tcprules records on Office 365 mail flow execution
• Bugfix on process waiting time while adding a content filter
• Bugfix about disabling all tabs except members when adding a new profile

We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about this release, feel free to ask below.

Best Regards,

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Korumail