That’s called name rip-off :o
Let’s sue them and bring in some cash for Comodo?


Ekhm they started using the name Komodo way before Comodo firewall was born.

I don’t know when the first version of this well known IDE was made but just read this old press release from 2000 : Press Releases - ActiveState

Besides Komodo is a programming IDE so it’s not really competing with any of Comodo’s products …

Actually Comodo was founded in 1998 so they used the name before I would think they’ve been using the name longer, doesn’t really matter, they are spelled differently and don’t compete in the same market :slight_smile:

Besides, Komodo is the name of a dragon, which originated first before any product adopted variations of it. Or maybe we’re over-reacting and Leon was just trying to instill humour.

To me it was just an observandum without any personal valuation.

Alright, I was bored and wanted to post something funny! :smiley: