Komodo test program before the script and failed to protect himself

At the beginning of the subject I love Komodo program and I want to improve to become the first undisputed Script has been tried on Komodo 6 updated script has done is to close the protection program Komodo and have brought Video + Script experience

I hope to improve his defense and I wish include Arabic to him to deal with him


Download For Script Removed by Moderator Chiron

Please follow the explanation video to learn how to run the script

Interesting video.

I have moved the download for the script to the moderators section of the forum as any file which could potentially disable any protection in CIS is considered potentially dangerous. Thus, files such as that are not allowed to be posted in the publicly available portions of the forum. I hope you understand.

We (the mods) will examine this script. Anyone else who would like access to it can contact an active moderator for the download link.

Thank you.

I understand that, but the script is not only dangerous it for the experience and you can restart protection immediately after the test to improve the program to better

I understand that, but if it fell into the wrong hands it could potentially also provide a starting place for malware writers to install malware on CIS protected machines.

That is why it will only be provided to interested users through contact with mods. This is for everyone’s protection and well being. Trust me, this script will be investigated thoroughly and, if there is a significant vulnerability, I’m sure it will be fixed.

I’m sure you and I hope you correct mistakes, and I hope to install Arabic Language

Is there any news about this file? Has it been investigated and if so what were the conclusions? I’m just very curious. ^-^‘’