Komodo dragon named after the late Steve Irwin

In February, 2007 Chester Zoo joined forces with BBC Newsround launching a competition for the general public to submit names to be chosen for one of Flora’s dragons. The first Komodo dragon is named after the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin.

Email I received from Chester Zoo…

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry that the names of the dragons were not posted on our website.

The names were announced via Newround and via their website – however, the names did not go up on our website as we are in the process of rebuilding it.

However, I will ensure they go up in the interim to clear up any ambiguity.

The names chosen for the Newsround dragons were Indie and Irwin.

The other dragons have been named Bert, Ernie and Herman.

Kind regards


Rachael Ashton
PR and Media Manager
Chester Zoo
Direct line: 01244 389460
Fax: 01244 389498

Web: www.chesterzoo.org

Steve Irwin. That’s a good memorial; very fitting. I remember watching the “out-takes” of him being chased up a tree by a Komodo, after that episode.


yeah. He’s one of the greatest tv personalities I admire the most. Would love to live a life like that.
RIP Crocodile Hunter!

Wow that’s a great way to remember Steve, naming an animal that he’s encountered in the past after him :slight_smile:

It’s great Steve will be remembered this way. :slight_smile: