Know bug reports

Although bug reports are often discussed VERY efficiently on this forum, I am a little puzzled at how to track down the answer as to which issues are “officially” recognized as bugs and which are “officially cured” and which have user recommmendations but the status is unclear.

I know part of this is rushing a product to the public, some just the nature of forum format.


I think there should be an “official” FAQ or other link with known problems, and unresolved issues “officially” noted.

For example, I remember reading about a problem with the CMF and Vista, I think it had to do with Microsoft Genuine so-called Advantage. I tried to track it down and just could not decide whether it was a real problem or possible problem still or what. So, I am hesitant now to install on my Vista box although the software seems great on XP.

Since this forum has so many bug reports and other issues reported we need a traffic cop or some method to tell which problems are really current.

Am I missing something? Am I only poor confused soul out there?

No, you are not alone. This subject has been brought up before.