I have been using kmplayer (K-Multimedia Player) since 2007 and i never switched to any other media player.
I mean it played all formats i have given it as a test and it worked flawlessly except .flv issue(it sometimes crashed while playing a few flv files), but now that its fixed, i never had any other issue.

 I never used vlc player on my windows xp and windows 7 OS. But i had to use it on linux mint as kmplayer required direct3d.(had problems with wine too). I found it ok but still i liked kmplayer much much better.(IDK why).

So what do you guys think??which scores better???

Hi arjunpa,

KMPlayer is indeed a decent player. I have it

I always have Media Player Classic (MPC) since it is indeed “classic” solid player … plus if you into codecs you can have additional codecs pack installed like K-lite despite that’s not necessary for MPC basic functionality

Good thins to have are Quick Time Lite Alternative and Real Player Alternative, but mainly for browser PlugIns.

As for VLC - it is and was my 1rst choice anyway.

What makes it special in addition to its ability to play anything (& convert as a matter of fact) is its outstanding capabilities regarding streaming. I may restrain myself from being too wordy about that. You definitely can find many articles out there. But briefly: if go overseas and want to watch whatever TV programs / DVDs are set to be played at home – you can do that.

In addition many plyers that are allowing you to watch live (recorded, etc.) TV are choosing VLC as a Plugin (despite sure that does not require VLC being installed itself)

As for installation, if you want just check it out you can test it using VLC Portable version
This way you will just wipe out the folder in case you don’t like it for some reason (which I cannot imagine :slight_smile: )

All mentioned Software can be downloaded and updated at Codec Guide

and here is where to get Portable VLC Music & Video . I deliberately placed the main index, since you can find other recommended portable Players and related cool stuff there

My regards

You can set the priority.(High priority reduces jerky playback but that means u have to sacrifice a little CPU usage.)

Hi renaebayos,

I never tested but I performed the test now bu starting both.

On startup both will take ~ 13MB of RAM

Playing the same MP3:

VLC - CPU 1-2%; memory 25MB
KMP- CPU 1-2%; memory 10MB

Playing the dvd rip (HD mp4):
VLC - CPU from 1-3% rarely jumping to 7% (average 3%) ; memory ~ 60MB
KMP - CPU from 1-3% rarely jumping to 7% (average 3%) ; memory ~ 20MB

DVD movie playback from DVD drive:
VLC - CPU from 3-10 % rarely jumping to 17% (average 10-12%) ; memory ~ 42MB
KMP - CPU from 2-7% rarely jumping to 7-9% (average 5%) ; memory ~ 20MB

My regards

Hi again arjunpa,

We posted at the same time, I just noticed your reply :slight_smile:

No jerky playbacks at all testing both simultaneously here


In my view MPC does not have a catchy GUI.
I use kmplayer because there innumerous features that everyday i learn a new one. Its just like game of chess to me.
It may appear a bit complicated even for a average user( there is no manual available). But at the same time, at least for me, thats where all the fun is.

Well, I don’t care much about GUI features are important
MS Player has a GUI but that is about it ;D other things just bugs and misery
Disabled completely except the browser plugin.

...I use kmplayer because there innumerous features that everyday i learn a new one.
If so, I am sure that you will enjoy VLC plus as I know there are skins available... but again, since it's not important, I never used those.

My regards

In my view its not a bloat though.
If you open kmplayer, the u can see fairly simple interface. Complication comes when u enable advanced menu option.

Ya i know i will enjoy VLC player as i have used it in linux. But as far as windows OS is concerned, i will stick with kmplayer. May be its because it is the first media player i fell in love with.(Let anything happen but you will not forget ur first crush\love).

EDIT: As far as skins are concerned, kmplayer also has a variety of skins.(you have to download the separately).

Hi Guys,

Season’s Greetings!


Since you specifically was asking (or concerned) about CPU usage
Here is another free player I came across and they are declaring “the lowest consumption of everything” :smiley: among other cool features.

You may try that one and compare.
The portable version is available too so you will not mess with the system registry/files while testing

I hope you will share the results with us. I am not going to check it out currently due to lack of time.


Thanks for reply, renaebayos

The portable version was mentioned … I hope that the imaging is not needed when you test those ;D you will just delete the folder in case you don’t like it


I don’t use either one. I have Media Player Classic which has a decent amount of codecs built in and I also use FormatFactory for my ripping and fiie conversion. The combination of those 2 gives you every codec you would ever need. Most of the time I just play things with Media Player 10 though. With the codecs from Format Factory and the Cyberlink DVD codecs HP bundled, I can play anything with it except MOV files. With QT Lite, Media Player Classic handles those without the need to install the annoying full QuickTime package.

Yes, that was a huge and unforgivable mistake! … just joking.

The image you provided is just the size on disc that programs are occupying – that doesn’t mean a lot in the context of what we were discussing, and the difference is not “critical”. Most importantly it doesn’t mean yet that some reviews and the developers are liars :wink: regarding the resources usage.
That would be more helpful if you compare and add figures to the list above

a side note: I just updated my K-Lite Codecs Pack and the latest MPC size is ~ 5.44MB (and it was in that range like that before) The latest version is 1.3.1430.0

Probably this SPlayer could be attractive for some to test regarding the convenience of getting subtitle… I don’t know since I haven’t tested it.
The “calling home” may not be the bad thing because name the program that doesn’t. It depends on what is “that call” If that is auto update or accessing DB with information about the media / trying to find subtitles… that is fine and by idea could be configured “not to”

But the dirty trick with hijacking associations that is really disgusting action if that’s done by default. Who needs and likes that? That deserves punishment.

That’s true but both Alternative Players in addition to MPC as it was mentioned are good to have for browser plugins.

In order just to watch <>.MOV including HD (H264) content you can use IrfanView, for example.
The latter is anyway helpful program to have. It has many advanced features. One of the things I like - is the ability to test & use PhotoShop compatible plugins.


Hey SiberLynx,
If you can will you please review all the media players mentioned here.
I cant because i have never reviewed any product.
EDIT>If you got time. :wink:

Hey it wll never get offtopic for my tastes.
Though i do have my own tastes, i love these type of discussions.

I use VLC as my default player on my portable HD and on my 'nux machines. But I never get deeper or toying around with it as much as I played KMP.
I like KMP over VLC, because it has numerous advanced options that enable me to adjust many things while watching a movie. Plus it has this flash based album interface thingy that helps my kids find their movies with just a simple scroll of a mouse.

I’ve been using MPC as part of RealAlternative for a couple of years. With the ‘lite’ version of MPC, ffdshow can be used for the codecs instead of having a big download of codecs that might cause conflicts.

Having read this thread, I’m trying VLC Portable and have a couple of questions:

is there a way of getting VLC to use ffdshow?


can the Playlist be docked as it can in MPC?

Hi giraffe,

ffdshow is a “post-processor” that uses filters to enhance/change whatever was already processed by the player using codecs (internal or external)

VLC (and similar “self-contained” player) is using internal built in codecs and it does its own post-processing.
As far as I know both ffdshow and VLC are using the same libavcodec.
That is one of the beauties of VLC and that is why it can be portable.

As for the docked Play List… - see the attached. Is that what you are looking for?

Sorry arjunpa,

I really don’t have time for that currently – setting up the new laptop for my friend with win7 x64 installed. That’s a lot of work and I wanna get rid of having that system here ASAP :wink:


[attachment deleted by admin]

Windows media player in win7 cannot play avi files(i dont know about other versions(.
Is there anyway to workaround this.??

Basically the workaround (even many) is above. Get the decent player :slight_smile:
WMP always was buggy and ■■■■■■ player at the same time it does play AVIs.

and the virgin win 7 x64 was tested right now

The thing is - that’s not enough stating just: “avi”
You have to know what compression method was used for encoding that particular AVI.

After that you should find the respective codecs for decoding

Say, it may play Indeo 5 avi, but it cannot play xVid or diVx AVIs, etc.

You can try whole codecs Pack mentioned (K-Lite), but read special notes and trick for win7… and for x64 in particular

That is not done yet here so I will restrain myself from further comments,
except - you may start from
and the visit some cool audio forums with specific questions


It is much better to find a decent media player than keep the windows media player.