Kiosk can`t load

Hello all,

VK cant load on Windows 8 x64, whats wrong? ???

You must reboot the system first.

Done twice.

Please report as a bug in the bug topic, in the requested format.

Iportant that this is fixed.

Best wishes


Done :wink:

Nope, VK doesn’t work on 64bit. First it closed 3 times when i clicked anything inside it and the 4th time it just locked up my entire virtual machine.

Hope it is a bug and VK is about to work in the nearest builds ;D

Thanks, appreciated.


using Win8 x64, Kiosk working

I had crashes under x64 in mods version. Not yet tested new version - too busy moderating… :slight_smile:

Best wishes


It does work on 64bit. If you’re having problems: COMODO Internet Security 6.0.252829.2560 Bug Reports