Kingsoft PC Doctor

Kingsoft PC Doctor is quite good in detecting malware & zeroday malware.

Its a Cloud AV. What all does it have in the cloud? Signatures, Heuristics, etc? Any automatic analysis or specific analyzation as it is very good in zeroday protection?

Anyone using this? Whats your opinion?


Once used it for less than 1 hour and then turned to COMODO.
There is another Chinese company’s similar product called 360weishi ( , probably no english version now, you can try it out if you know a few Simplified/Traditional Chinese words.

I use kingsoft pc doctor alongside CIS full suite without any problem and they work fine kingsoft is a good companion for CIS

Kingsoft isn’t 360.
360 just use Kingsoft Engine.

BTW I’ve use this program and think it can’t replace Antivirus software. (Because KS has very poor detection).
But cleanup and Patch finder (Vulnerability Fix) are great. :wink:

I use Kingsoft PC Doctor alongside CIS and find it very useful as it has many useful features for maintaining PC. There are such features like PC health diagnostics, plugin cleaner, scanners for system errors and vulnerabilities (to check and choose available windows patches), startup booster, there are also junk, privacy, registry cleaners and some other modules. That’s rather comprehensive piece of software.
The only question I have is about the quality of its malware scanner. Who knows any ratings?

kingsoft and 360 are different companies, 360 didn’t use kingsoft’s engine before, now, and I think definitely they won’t even in the future.

In the present I don’t know what engine does it use now.
Some people tell me it use BitDefender with their own Engine. I’m not sure.

Yes, now it has multi engines, avira bitdefender and their own, You can check this out on their website~

Unfortunately I can’t read Chinese.

Hello,I’m Lintel from China,KPCD uses two engines including Cloud engine and local V10 engine,and 360 Guard uses Cloud engine,QVM ,BitDefender engine and avira engine,but you can only choose one from BitDefender and avira,they can’t work together…KPCD isn’t an AV,it just help you use computer more easily.But Kingsoft also has Anti-virus software,different versions in different countries…

I forgot to tell you that two Cloud engines are not the same.

Thanks for the information. I almost see you on that forum. Beware from “One” moderator She (or he?) will ban you if you leaked some information that they don’t want it. ;D

“Or he”? :o Sophie is a she obviously… lol

And there is no “leaked” info.

looks like this product is morphing. there is a new lite version which removes all security modules

hello everybody,we are glad to introduce new version ----- Kingsoft PC Doctor Lite

This is a preview,not release version.We’ll listen your suggestion and make this version best!

Your first look is new home tab.As you can see,we delete security modules in lite version.Now the software size only 6M.

New health diagnosis include cleaner & Optimizer,you can scan everthing by only one key,then “Fix All”

Startup booster now appear in home tab,so you can see your startup time straightforward


[attachment deleted by admin]

in addition to the lite version a security suite is coming

Em, may be something like this. We've tried some ways to make it custom install for some features, but it's too hard under current framework. Meanwhile, from some feedbacks, users are asking us while KPD cannot remove/repair some viruses. What they only know is that you're security product, you can't kill that. Even we know the solutions, they're unable to perform it according to our current framework and design, such as when viruses get higher permissions than KPD. To serve our users better, we're going to provide a lite version without security (which should be smaller than 5MB, and coming first), and a full version internet security (coming later 2012). They are still under discussion, which cannot be confirmed now.


Kingsoft PC Doctor Lite has been released

  1. Only tuneup features are included, Lite version is smaller and faster. (Currently 5.6MB)

  2. GUI changed for lite version, displaying startup time and cleaning history.

  3. PC Health Diagnosis scanning items are changed for tuneup issues only.

  4. Add Fix All button after diagnosis, which requires some processes closed beforce proceeding.

  5. System Optimizer is renamed to onekey optimizer.

  6. Fix bug of onekey optimizer, which may scan some optimized startups again.

  7. Improve algorithms to make startup time more accurate.

  8. Add more startup suggestions for Startup Booster.

  9. Fix bug of Traffic Monitor, which displays wrong numbers after traffic limited.

  10. Fix GUI bugs.

1.New interface for Privacy Cleaner.

2.Fix bugs on Uninstaller.

3.Junk Cleaner supports 16 extra third-party apps, more and more will be added.

4.Fix bug on computing history records.

5.Muti-language is almost done, language package is waitting for translation. (It will be released within 2 days).

Kingsoft is getting better day by day :-TU

When I try to update through the KPCD Update it says the current version is and this is the latest version. Strange bug.

ya i had the same problem so just downloaded the newest version and installed it over the old one

Is it without the malware scanner?