KillSwitch: report of unknown files and CCE: report of false positives

I think it should have a way to submit unknown files from KillSwitch for analysis.
I can search the web but I can’t submit them for analysis :embarassed:

By the way, they come and go… The same file (same MD5) is reported as clean and then, suddenly, goes back to the unknown state :cry:

I’ve reported them a lot of times in the false positive thread, but they come back as suspicious…

Also it would be nice to see an option to send more info about the false positives.
Right now, on CCE, you can only submit the file and you can’t send comments that would be useful I suppose: virus total links, links for download the file, name of the manufacturer, version of the product or anything else that could help the virus lab guys.


Nice one! :-TU

Thanks guys.
I’ve forgot to add the screenshot.

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I get this same problem too when I see the same file from clean to unknown and back to clean again over and over as Tech said, and I love his ideas about the issue good one Tech :-TU


Thanks Erik for joining.
I hope CCE team is listening to us, users :slight_smile:

Sometimes Tech and not always CCE team is listening to us, users :slight_smile:

From time to time, all the “unknown” process come back… ??? :embarassed:

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Are those .exe files new updated versions or older, previously known files?

Some are new, for sure.
Others (like FlashPaste) are the same as I’ve posted a lot of times before…