Killswitch kill's all programs using shortcut

OS: Windows 7 64-bit professional
Motherboard: gigabyte ga-p55-ud3
Intel Core i5 750
Graphic card MSI hd5850 oc-edition.

(I think this is a bug anyway, so assuming it is I figured I’d tell you. )

If I have KillSwitch replace the task manager it quite often (but not always) kill’s all running programs, including explorer.exe when using the default shortcut (ctrl + shift + esc).

What happens after the mass kill also differs. It sometimes restart explorer.exe afterwards, it sometimes doesn’t. It sometimes kills itself and is capable of launching afterwards using one of the 3 methods I know to open default task manager (ctrl + shift + esc, ctrl+alt+delete, right-click on taskbar), it sometimes need to be restarted manually from CCE.exe (I can’t launch directly from KillSwitch.exe). I have yet to come over a instance where both explorer.exe and killswitch fail to restart at the same time…

As it does not happen all the time it is hard to tell what the problem is, however, I did strike just as I was about to post that the file is currently located in the D disk, as I do what I can to save space on the SSD. I will try to run it on the C-disk for some days, and see if that is the source of the problem. Still a bug trough, as D: is the default disk for both programs and user files, I is somewhat sad it won’t work from there, CIS operates fine, and I doubt this need more privileges?

If this is just something I do wrong I do apologize for wasting your time :slight_smile:


Just attempted to launch for the C-disk. Problem remains (all was killed, explorer.exe did not restart.). There was also to strange things I noticed.

  1. When I had CCE as an open window, it remained while all other open windows where closed…
  2. Those programs that run minimized in the tray was all removed from the tray, however some process (like CIS and Geekbuddy) remain active.

I guess it’s because of the Aggressive mode.
Try to run CCE.exe or killswitch.exe with Shift key pressed, you will see the same.

Sorry for the late replay, but you are absolutely right… Seems I need to change my habits for how to open the task manager…