killswitch issues

I see a couple of options greyed out and am wondering why scan for hidden services and scan for hidden processes is greyed out, and under tools enable boot logging is greyed out. I don’t have any logging enabled for killswitch and am not sure why I should, as I installed killswitch thru CIS, so are these issues due to not having the full CCE kit installed? And why was I given the option of installing killswitch thru CIS without getting the option to install the full CCE kit and should I go get that, and will it resolve the greyed out options?

Is your Killswitch running as admin or limited user? Look towards the right lower corner for blue and yellow shield. If it is there click on it to start KS with admin rights. Does that fix it?

I had to give killswitch.exe admin rights in the CIS program directory and that gave it full functionality, thanks! I didn’t realize any programs run via CIS needed admin rights, just assumed incorrectly. I also downloaded the full CCE kit and will use that instead of running killswitch thru CIS. Thanks again.