KillSwitch.exe problems with CIS 5.10

Hi all. I have been having problems with KillSwitch with CIS 5.10

When I run KillSwitch Defence+ on CIS 5.10 KillSwitch keeps Getting Blocked and it flags up Access Memory on my Defence+ Events.

CIS 5.10 is fine with KillSwitch and in it says Safe. But it not saying it fine the other way

I did add KillSwitch as Trusted Application and it says Custom, and I still getting KillSwitch blocked under Intrusion.

Away here is a screen shot so you can see.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have even got Killswtich Trusted under my firewall and it says custom.

So all together I have KillSwitch Trusted under Defence+ and Firewall.

And I’m still getting hit. Last cound 30 intrusion(s) So far under Defence+

On my laptop I have no issue.

It is only on this Machine.

So can anyone advise




It’s not really a problem.

All this is is that CIS doe not allow anything to touch its own files. Thus, when KillSwitch attempts to do just that it blocks the attempt. That said, it’s not a problem at all and will not hurt either CIS, KillSwitch, or any other programs on your computer.

Thanks Chiron, For that Information.