Killswitch crash bug

I don’t know if it was reported before but if we go to Network tab in Killswitch and we press Right Mouse Button on System Idle Process, and click somewhere else to close drop down menu, Killswitch will close itself.

The bug does not always work. Sometimes we have to maximise the CCE window before going to network tab, sometimes not. I will try to make a video of this.

Can someone confirm it? I know isn’t something big, but still a bug which happens to me quite often.

P.S: Sometimes we are able to go to System Idle Process process however it results showing an error message box (attached as 2.jpg) so it doesn’t go to process list.

I have attached two screenshots.

[attachment deleted by admin]

hi guncaj,
thank you for using cce
this bug will be fixed in next release.


can you say when the next release will be?


You won’t wait for a long time. :wink:

good to hear. thanks for the reply