Killswitch Cavwp and Virtual Destkop Errors.

Merry Christmas!!

After a clean installation of the latest Comodo internet security I got Cavwp crash error report at random time.

After trying “Watch Activity” task I got 5. Access is denied. (As shown in attached images)

Also virtual desktop stays in loading screen forever.

Lastly after running diagnostics I got found errors but not able to fix message. (Report file size is 160 MB so I can’t attach)


it is bug…

Yeap seems to be working fine now.

Only thing still not working is Virtual Desktop. Stays on “Virtual Desktop is Loading” screen.
Not big of a deal since I don’t personally use it but just stating for feedback.


Every day I have this error message several times ((

Имя сбойного приложения: cavwp.exe, версия:, метка времени: 0x5da874ac
Имя сбойного модуля: Framework.dll, версия:, метка времени: 0x5d9caed5
Код исключения: 0xc0000005
Смещение ошибки: 0x0000000000008c32
Идентификатор сбойного процесса: 0x1788
Время запуска сбойного приложения: 0x01d5c7c5b3859932
Путь сбойного приложения: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cavwp.exe
Путь сбойного модуля: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Framework.dll

I’ve tryed to reinstall CIS - no effect so far, tryed to repair - got error message . What can I do ?

I have and well known the freezing issues too …

PS The key is "Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.2.0.6950 Beta " , am I right?

Hello ARCHY,

Thank you for reporting.
It is an known issue in v12.1.0.6914 it will be fixed in the upcoming stable release.

Note : Kindly use the Comodo Uninstaller Tool (Select upon your windows bit) for the clean Uninstallation of the CIS and then use Beta 2 or else please wait for the stable release.

Best Regards,

Merged topics, wait for next release.