Killing Processes


I’ve got a really simpleton question about Kill Switch that’s really bugging me. I’m new to this forum & I’ve accidentally posted this question in the feedback section, so please forgive the duplication if you’ve come across it.

If I kill a task using kill switch, does that mean it won’t work again or would it work again if I re-launch the task?

It’s bugging me because I killed google chrome whilst it was running in the virtual desktop mode and after a few days I noticed chrome wouldn’t run in the sandbox again! - But I’m unsure whether a chrome update or killing the process has stopped it from running again.

Chrome works fine outside the sandbox otherwise, so any answers regarding this would help me (& others) troubleshoot this problem.


Thank you for your report.

Here are the steps I got from your description:

  1. Run chrome in virtual desktop of CIS
  2. Open killswitch and kill the chrome
  3. Run chrome in sandbox

Result : The chrome cannot run in sandbox

Is this right?
And could you please tell me whether you run chrome in sandbox by right clicking the chrome and select “Run in comodo sandbox”?


Yes, the steps you outlined are exactly how I’ve tried to describe the problem.

I always open chrome in sandbox by clicking on the chrome browser icon which is situated on the Comodo widget.

I don’t think I’ve ever opened it using the right-click option.

Chrome does open, but the “ow snap” message appears before the homepage has finished loading fully.

Hope this helps.

Is there the green color around the chrome opened by clicking it on the COMODO widget?

Hi Lee X,
A few of us are experiencing similar issues with Google Chrome, please see the topic in the link below.
Problem With Google Chrome & Sandbox/Kiosk


Hi xuhongmei, There has been a bug report created direct in the tracker relating to Google Chrome issues within the sandbox. Please see Bug 1307.


Yes, the green border is present, btw although I’ve noted the messages to us by the mod’, does killing a process such as chrome (using killswitch) actually make that process unusable again?

Hi Lee X,
No, killing the process will not make the program unusable again.
The File Menu Bar CCE-Comodo Help

[b]Note:[/b] By stopping a running process you will lose any unsaved data being used by the application that generated the process. Save data in all running applications before selecting this option.

You are part way through creating an unsaved word document and you kill ‘word.exe’ then your unsaved document will be lost, but the program remains unharmed.

Kind regards.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:
Now let’s hope the Developers can reproduce/resolve the issue with Chrome and the Sandbox.

Kind regards.