Killapps.exe. Incorrect flag

Killapps.exe is flagged as a trojan program. I know it can be used by malicious writers, but the point needs clearing up that killapps has genuine uses.
In the case of creative soundcards, it is legit. Used to shut down the running processes only when the driver is being updated. Any other time would be a cause for concern. In fact, I would delete it once the install is complete.
Boclean needs updating to reflect that fact and advise the user. It should be listed as a risky tool. Not a trojan.

It is possible to drag and drop the icon of killapps.exe in the exeptions window of boclean… that way boclean will not block the program… but this option needs only to be used if you know that the program is certainly to be trusted…

I understand the implications, Triple X. It’s the none techs that may get a shock from seeing the description that makes me raise the topic.

OOh okey, There will be a new version soon, maybe that version will bring a solution for this kind of prolems… anyways boclean is a detection solution in a sort of way, it uses signatures to recognize bad software and sometimes good software gets marked as bad… well I think we just have to cope with this… because this one of the downsides of signature based solutions… I am happy to know false positives don’t happen to often…