Kill Malware Processes

Kill Unsafe Processes kills Malware & Unknown Processes.

I think it would be good if there is an option to kill only Malware Processes & not Unknown Processes.

Actually this would be a bad idea, what if one of those unknown processes was malicious ?

The end result of leaving a potentially malicious process running could be that you have devil of a time removing malware from system, could be it will drop or spawn new malicious processes to replace ones you have closed, so you end up getting nowhere fast! Best policy would be to close all processes that way can be sure and certain no new malicious process would start up again from a dropper, loader or server process :wink:

So I would say no please dont do this Comodo, leave as is, thanks ;D

But good ideas through naren, keep them coming :-TU

But unknown processes may not be malicious, And kill unsafe processes is there to kill both unknown & malware processes. So a seperate option to kill only malware processes would be good for reasons like unknown may not be malicious, users knows they are not malicious, etc. And killing malware processes at once would be easy, otherwise to kill at once you have to go through unknown processes.

Precisely naren, for I have a couple of “unknown” processes running on my system because, I have K-lite Mega codec package on my system and the updates that are regular contain unknown files. I use it because I watch and work with a lot of different formats of videos and audio files and need the ability to watch and listen to them. So having one of those files removed because it was mistaken for malware would not be a welcomed situation.

An unknown process being killed shouldn’t result in unknown files being deleted…

Understood, my silly mistake.