Hi, I’m seeking a bit of help. I’m not at all computer savvy which probably explains my loss of full screen capability when viewing video on BBC iPlayer or Channel 4 (both in the UK). I think I must have inadvertently blocked Khost.exe from accessing the internet and now I can’t seem to unblock that file. I’d be very grateful if anyone could help out. I’m running the free version of the firewall.
Many thanks to anyone who can help.

Hi dave61,couple of places to look to see if Khost.exe is blocked.

First off look in Firewall/Advanced/Network security policy---->This is the list off applications which rules have been set for.You need to highlight the rule click remove and then apply.
Also have a look under Defence+/Advanced/Computer security policy---->Again look for any instances of Khost.exe highlight them and click remove/apply.

There may be somewhere else you have blocked it but this is a good place to start,could you let us know which browser you are using if the above doesn`t help.