Will BoClean 4.22 be covering this month old Keylogger or do they already?




It appears BoClean does already detect variants of the KGB keylogger.


Nice try Mike but it don’t detect this version & it is a month old. I just tried it. I am becoming disappointed.


Comodo firewall does however alert on the hook.

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It’s a commercial keylogger, IIRC Kevin includes those upon customer request and submission.
Have you submitted it controler?


Kevin never differentiated between commercial & not before.
No I did not submit it I did however provide the link but maybe it was removed?


comercial is not a problem with Comodo is it?


I wouldn’t think so.
Do you need help submitting the files?


that’s a negative on submitting files. I think I have used computers long enough to figure out how to submit files. I only mentioned the link to the file is there.
Hey at least you didn’t remove my post as Wilders did.
I only replied to a post there which had the link and the original poster’s post was removed making it look like I am spamming. I wonder what kind of ■■■■ that is?
I only thought a keylogger that is a few months old would have been submitted to Comodo by now.
No big deal I will take up the Wilders with that mod in Pri.
Still wonder how people over there that really never did anything to help anyone becomes mods.
Guess it could be because he works for the Gov. I don’t know.

Nope … just as COMODO has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining BOClean as seen in the 4.24 version, COMODO also intends to maintain its commitment to coverage based upon the policies BOClean has always gone by. Because BOClean has an excluder if you REALLY want to run something dicey, we cover everything we find … unfortunately, this one never managed to get submitted because we’ve lost a few of PSC’s more dedicated submitters over the 4.23 “doesn’t do Win9x” debacle. And as a result of that, this particular keylogger wasn’t known until it was mentioned here.

Over the years, we had a LOT of volunteers who found things and submitted them, two of them particularly interested in keyloggers of every kind. Hopefully now that 4.24 has restored Win9x compatibility, they’ll be back. I’ve invited them but since they’re volunteers, it’s not like we can make them step back into the picture but we’re trying. In the meantime, anyone who happens to spot anything noteworthy is highly encouraged to submit it to both of these addresses to ensure that not only BOClean gets it, but also the antivirus team. The two teams will be merged soon, but at the moment the two teams are still separate as BOClean’s technique and that of all antiviruses are radically different … but submissions can be sent here: and

And please feel free to submit those addresses any place where you happen to spot folks sharing samples … right now, the next step is to merge the submissions process as well - but to ensure that BOClean’s people have access to any nasties you happen to spot, the top address is a must for now.

I’ve submitted the file myself after downloading it earlier …

BTW controler, great to see old familiar faces! :slight_smile: