Keystroke encryptor

I recently got my computer infected with a keylogger trojan which stole login details for my websites, as Comodo couldn’t detect it even with a scan as the file was not accessible through Windows or Explorer but the file did exist. I had to use Hijackthis to detect it and delete the file.

This got me thinking.

Why not Comodo make a program that encrypts keystrokes on the keyboard, so that keyloggers don’t get any valuable data? Then Comodo would protect against viruses that are unrecognised. :wink:

This has been requested before but I don’t think Comodo wants to, you could always use Zemana Anti-Logger Free (I do)

Although considering the malware you got sounds like a rootkit (since you say it wasn’t available through windows/explorer) it would probably be able to set up its own driver to bypass any such encryption… The main question here is how the malware in question got that far to begin with? Auto-sandbox should have been able to deal with it (or HIPS if you use that)

I did a scan with HerdProtect and it found an installer called ipadian.exe which was a virus. I don’t have the file as I deleted, just the hashes. I wish I could have submitted it to Comodo. Maybe that’s how the trojan got in.

I use HitmanPro Alert for keystroke encryption now.

If you have the file hash and Comodo does not detect it (you can check at Virus Total by letting it search by hash) you can submit it in Submit Malware Here To Be Blacklisted - 2015 (NO LIVE MALWARE!).

I agree with it, I think it should be a keystroke encryptor, and it would be an optional part of CIS, with default off. Maybe most of CIS users not used Zemana Antilogger (or other keystroke encryptor), but some of us use it, and we have a little impact to performance running two security software simultaneously. But this is just an opinion…

Also interested by a keyboard encryptor.

I’ve tested KeyScrambler, not bad but it lags way too much (W7 x64) !