I was just notified Saturday from QFX they that they have a preview version of keyscrambler pro. I will include the message with the links here. Be advised that the pro version is a paid version with a 30 day trial, but it is well worth it. I believe you cannot have too much security on your system.

Here are the download links for the preview version that includes Dragon support:

Please feel free to post these links to the Comodo forum if anyone there is interested in trying it. Have a happy 4th!
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Qian (“Chen”) ■■■■
QFX Software Corporation

I for one think this is good news.

In a previous post you state that Keyscrambler doesn’t work with Dragon. Can you be a little more specific?

AT the same time I posted on this board I also sent an email to QFX about the problem. they answerd me on Saturday with a link to the upgraded program. I am running it now and have had no problems. They were very quick to handle it that fast. Again I am running the paid pro version. The free version doesn’t work on Chrome or CD.