Keyloggers aren't detected with build on Vista 64 and more

Hi people,
apart from the annoying GUI bug on Vista 64 with the latest version I’m also afflicted with some other problems:

  • Keyloggers aren’t detected on Vista 64
  • Importing of exported settings isn’t possible on XP 32 and Vista 64 (“Import as” isn’t working either)

Can someone give plz a download link for the previous version? Thx.

Please fix it, I won’t install any other security software till then because there’s no alternative for Comodo :smiley:

not an alert like that?
defense+ is setting in paranoid mode and agressive mode and i check executables. not the first ones that come with the install but all executables.
it seems this 64 bits got a lot of probs…

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No. Of course the configuration is set up in a way that D+ should detect it (Paranoid mode, …).
It’s definitely a bug.

Hi ausbild3r,

Can you please give links to where these keyloggers can be downloaded from and/or upload one/some of them here. Thanks.

It seems to appear with any kind of keylogger.
Just try AKLT:

Can someone confirm?

Mine works. Comodo blocked it successfully. All test passed.

Actually I was testing it on a XP SP2 virtual machines running CFP v3.0.22.349.

It just happens on Vista 64 as you maybe could infer from my first posting in this thread.