Keyboard whacked out

Installed the latest CIS…run recommended scan…found and deleted bugs…now certain keyboard keys operate as function keys, example: press “r” and Run window opens, press “m” and all windows minimize, press “e” and Windows Explorer opens, etc, etc…

After much grief searching for a solutions I ended up completely restoring the machine but it did not solve the problem.


If you’ve restored the machine then I doubt it’s a software issue.

Sounds like your Windows key remains pressed.
You should check the keyboard for a mechanical fault.

Hi cristi_np,

Yep, you were right…it was the keyboard itself…whew, am I glad for that! Thanks for taking a look at my post.

GW in Texas.

Too much bread crums in the keyboard? :wink:

Na…I think the cat walked on it…he is going to make a nice little bathroom rug some day… 88)