Keyboard not working in Virtual mode

Windows 7 - Comodo Firewall 10.

Had no issues prior to version 10. Thought it might be the virtual keyboard but I see no settings for that.

If this is a known/unknown bug, please move this over to the appropriate bug/issue forum. Thank you.

Hi John0904,
Have you tried resetting the container?
Please note any data that is stored only in the container will be deleted.
Reset the Container-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Can you clarify which keyboard? Is is your actual physical keyboard or the virtual keyboard that you can select in virtual desktop. Also by virtual mode do you mean virtual desktop, secure shopping environment, or when an application is running in containment as fully virtualized?

Thank you for your responses.

captainsticks, I have tried resetting the container prior to this. No change.

futuretech, the physical and virtual keyboard does not work. This is the fully virtualized mode. This only effects some programs. Text editors do work though.

Edit: I also tried uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling thinking it was an upgrade issue. No change.

Can you list the programs that don’t allow keyboard input? It could be that the containment is blocking direct keyboard access for those specific programs because they are accessing the keyboard in a certain way that is blocked. The containment has increased keyboard access protection than previous versions.