keyboard locked

my keyboard is locked at startup
i can get to the windows logon screen
but i cant type in my password

i think comodo is set to ‘ask me’ in defense and firewall [accidently]

is there any way to bypass the logon
or disable comodo so i can reset things

thanks for any help

Start windows in secured mode F8, then you can change it in CIS, cause in this mode, only needed system drivers are load, nothing more. you also don’t have internet access. After that you can start Windows in normal mode and everything should be fine.

thanks for the reply

only problem is
when i start in f8 mode i still get to the password screen
and i cant log in so its back to square 1 - locked out

another option…
if i reload/update windows [from xp]
will i lose all my files?

that sounds strange. It should not be like this. There is something else than Comodo that do that.

What do you mean with reload/update windows. You have Windows XP and want to update to Vista or 7?

With repair option(boot CD/DVD) it could work, there you normally don’t loose your data.

So to prevent such issue with probably loosing data, you should safe your data on another partition, better another harddisc.

yes, very strange
at the log on screen i can use the mouse but no keyboard

maybe the repair option will work

This is very much like;topicseen