KEMP LoadMaster

Hello, good afternoon! I was wondering if it is possible to import the Comodo WAF rules into the KEMP LoadMaster. It would be really good to use a reliable source with my current Load balancer.

  • I did a simple import into the CUSTOM RULES, but after the import it says: WAF Misconfigured.

    Thank you!


As I see in AFP Configuration Guide it’s possible to upload custom ModSecurity rules (see chapter 2.2.2 Custom Rules)

CWAF along with configuration files (*.conf) required various data files (bl_agents, bl_scanners etc.)
So you can try to upload these files as Data Files.
As alternative you can rename downloaded rule archive with extension .tgz (for example cwaf_rules-1.50.tgz) to cwaf_rules-1.50.tar.gz because this extension is supported by Custom Rules loader.

If upload still bring up ‘WAF Misconfigured’ try ro remove following files from .tar.gz archive:
│ categories.conf
│ exclude.yml
│ rules.conf.main
│ rules.dat
│ scheme.yml

If all above will not help ask KEMP LoadMaster team for support :slight_smile:

Regards, Oleg