keeps blocking svchost.exe

???Im using XP and using windows firewall but my mate said give comodo a chance, so i installed it, no probs, but then it keep saying blocked SVCHOST.EXE about 30 times, not on the main screen, on the main screen it says that file is ok, its when u look at the blocking files, tried to find out about it on the web, but there is so many different answers i just get lost,
I now have deleted comodo firewall but would like it back, but just worried about that file.
I hope someone can help me as i am not a wiz when it comes to computers so could u please explain in easy terms.
Many thanks eagle 8)

SVCHOST is usually a Windows Service. You can look at your log for more details. When you say delete di you mean uninstalled? No reason to have uninstalled it. What version did you install? The most recent version can be found on the main page. I just did a fresh install of Comodo on my laptop and have no issues at all. If something that is being blocked need to be allow then allow it. Aslong as your computer is clean of any spyware and viruses.

You need to allow svchost to run or you will not be able to get on the internet. It is a safe necessary windows file that is part of the windows operating system. Allow and remember this file. If you have any more problems let us know.


Watch it ,

It’s also know as a trojan horse


BTW please don’t post your problems twice. TNX

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I did

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Obviously you didn’t cause I said to be sure your pc is clean of spyware and viruses.

many thanks for your help i will down load comodo again, just 2 things when i download is it best to run the file or save and install when not on line, does it turn of windows firewall on its own.
cheers eagle

Never ever run a file. Always save it to disk. I save everything to My Briefcase (hidden by default but simply type “syncapp”). Close out your browser and run the installer. Make sure you scan your pc first with a good av and good spyware program. I use NOD32 and SuperAntiSpyware. When you install Comodo it should automaticlly shutoff Windows Firewall and if it doesnt just go into the Security Center and turn it off.

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