Keep an alert on screen for maximum X seconds

The default time for displaying an alert is 120 seconds. The range of choice is 1-999 seconds.

As far as I can tell there is no way to keep the alert on screen UNTIL a reply a made. Usually this is done by changing a time setting to ZERO seconds.

The functionality to keep the alert onscreen indefinitely is sorely needed. I have run into problems with applications that run when I am asleep, which presented Comodo alerts but which were dismissed after 120 seconds.

For example, with Acronis True Image. The problems occurred (completing with errors and not sending email status messages to my email client because alerts came up while I was asleep and then disappeared after 120 seconds, temporarily denied. Same with updates to AVG.

It took me a lot of time to figure out that the problem was due to Comodo.

Sounds like a reasonable option to me.

i think this is an excellent idea, and it is something i would have suggested even if you had not. i have used hips where changing the time to -1 or 0 seconds would allow an alert to stay on the screen indefinitely. currently, i have 999 seconds set, which is not long enough (i can’t make it 9,999 seconds or 99,999 seconds). all i have to do is eat dinner and come back, and i will already have missed an alert. this is frustrating, to say the least. an alert that requires user intervention should always give the user the choice of waiting until the user gets a chance to reply.

+1 for a longer if not infinite display time.

At iamme99. You should be able to find the event in View Defense + Alerts I think.

999 sec is not that long… I too think this can be improved…


I think this is a must.

I have installed CIS today and noticed that missing option in a couple of hours.

Please fix iy ASAP.

yep, i too voted for this. can be handy in some cases :-TU

Agree! Many times already, I’m researching what something is on the internet, then the option goes away!

BTW, how do you make this option longer, I can’t find it…

A couple years have gone by. Yet, it still seems impossible to set it longer than 999. Wow! Terrible!

Something pops up with “dxg9304.exe wants access”, by the time you pull up a browser and type it in to find out what the heck it is, POOF the box goes away and apparently some decision has been made. NOT GOOD !!!

Why is Comodo free anyway? … Sometimes I wish they charged for Comodo Firewall so they would fix some of this stuff. To me, this behaviour says “Comodo is for computer-illiterates”. The trouble is, if Matousec is not just an arm of Comodo, collecting commissions, then Comodo is the only firewall I want to use.

In the early days, getting bombarded by alerts was terrible, but now, most of the programs are already logged and therefore classified as good or bad, so the bombardment has apparently been tackled. Now the pop-ups occur when I’m doing something like installing programs. The chore of looking up EXEs is turned into a much bigger PITA, when the pop up disappears and now I have to go find the Comodo log and dig through it to find out the program name again and what Comodo decided to do. And then, if Comodo denied it, I have to try to make the program run again to ‘do it’s thing’ and catch the Comodo popup to let it through.

I know I can set the timeout to 999. That’s not enough! Better, but not enough. There should be a setting for “never auto dismiss”, “no timeout”.

There are weird design decisions that really make me wonder about a product. This is one of them.

i dont think this would be possible since the program would probably crash since comodo would be denying it to whatever its trying to do until the user responds.

No, the program would sit and wait, like when Gdata has a pop-up. G-data’s popups have never disappeared on me. They wait either much longer or just wait until I respond. The application that got interrupted just sits there waiting to continue. Apps know to wait, like waiting for the network or a drive to connect.

In your comment is the assumption that an app can wait 120 seconds and be fine, right? or apparently even the 999 seconds, which is 17 minutes. If they can wait that long, I would say there is probably not a limit then.

My greatest concern with COMODO is its failure to notify me of events. The notifications appear, but disappear with default actions without my knowing they have happened. I have them all set to 999 seconds, but this does not help if I am not at the computer for awhile … which happens often.

The default can remain 120 seconds, but PLEASE give me the option of deciding how I want alerts to be handled. I want to disable the alert timeouts ALWAYS. If a program should happen to fail because it times out waiting for me, that is my choice.

Digging through log files and discovering ways to change COMODO behavior with regard to particular events is not how I want to spend my time.

I am not overstating when I say that this one characteristic is enough by itself to drive me away from an otherwise excellent product.

Thanks you in advance.