KB 3004375

Wonder if anyone else as noticed ?

From years past I have a habit of after running Microsoft Updates a 2nd time after a successful Update. The reason for this was that in years past many times there would be additional updates to install, after the original updates were installed.

KB 3004375 was in the May Update list It showed that it was installed successfully,
but KB 3004375 continually shows up as needing to be installed, after a scan for Updates or after a reboot.

Also am curious as to what “Additional Capabilities” Windows Update Notifications will have
with KB 3035583 ?


Hi UncleDoug,
It looks like Windows disk cleanup tool when ‘Cleanup System Files’ is selected might corrupt the updates.
Windows Cleanup “deletes” KB3004375 and KB3031432-MozillaZine Forum

Kind regards.

Edit: Regarding KB 3035583, you may find the article in the external link below interesting.
Mystery patch KB 3035583 for Windows 7 and 8 revealed-InfoWorld

Thank you Captain.

Did use the Windows CleanUp Utility but tried the install several times since.

As you can see from the attachments the update shows it was successfully installed several times in the Update History but not in Installed Updates. And NO Errors !

Guess I will hopefully wait for Microsoft to produce an update to correct this.

As for as KB 3035583 goes, not sure when I will delete it.
Microsoft being sneaky, will antagonize many again.


[attachment deleted by admin]