KAV Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.x uncompatible with Comodo Firewall

Hi there,

When I first tried to install tryout version of KAV Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.x but I’ve got the message saying it was not compatible with Comodo Firewall and that I have to install it first… Will it be fixed for the next release?

I did the uninstall process for testing latest AVG version… But now since I deleted Comodo Firewall (with auto-uninstall) and then deleted left files manually, I’m not able to install Comodo anymore!? When I run the setup, I’ve the message saying that a previous version of Comodo Firewall is already installed and that I’ve to delete it first. I accept but nothing happends since there is no trace : the directory in program files has been deleted and registry cleaned… What can I do?



When i used sygate firewall i had problems with kaspersky antivirus. I think kaspersky antivirus caused the problems. I deleted kaspersky antivirus because it was a test version.


I use AVG Free Version but KAV is one (if not the best) antivirus software so this is a pity if the uncompatible issue will remain even for a new version of Comodo… Maybe if Comodo team contact KAV it may be fixed… Previous KAV versions weren’t uncompatible with all others firewalls since I used it before with ZoneAlarm Free Edition for i.e…

I tried AOL Active Virus Shield, which has the Kaspersky Engine and while it installed OK and I was able to scan my PC, later I had severe problems in shutting down Windows.
Removal of AOL AVS sorted it!
Shame, really, as the Kaspersky offering via AOL is (a) free and (b) well respected. (Apart from the AOL connection of course!) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: