KAV 7 and CBOC

I was helping a friend yesterday upgrade from KAV 6 to KAV v7. The KAV 7 installer popped up a warning that BOC was not compatible and needed to uninstall it. We uninstalled CBOC and continued with the rest of the KAV install. I did a little searching on here but nothing popped out so what is the consensus of using CBOC and KAV 7 together?

I didn’t check Wilders yet

I have both KAV7 and BOClean working happily together on my PC without any problem. You idn’t say if you reinstalled BOClean after installing KAV though I assume you did?

Hiya! NOT at all unusual for antivirus products to detect the presence of other things and worry if a “competitor” might pounce on something else and take credit before your “new-bought toy” did. Kaspersky and I used to be good friends back in the day, and they KNOW who BOClean is. I’m not making any claims that they’re lying or anything - Eugene and I go back YEARS as buddies who respect each other, and have raised many a … ummm … errrr … “drink” wondering who’d fade on the floor first. Heh. Gene and I were usually the last ones sitting! =)

Anyhoo … no worries … it’s COMMONPLACE these days for any newly installed security software to detect the presence of others and worry … the issue is NOT “incompatibilities” but RATHER limitations in the Windows kernel … one of my OWN “driving forces” in design … for many internal kernel hooks, there are only 8 (or less) “teats” (mammal thing, no “■■■■■■” thing here) upon which to suckle. IF there are a bunch of security proggies on a system, that FOUR or EIGHT MAXIMUM teats can run out, and there is what ANY security program is whining about when it says that … fear that THEY won’t get a kernel teat to suckle …

The warning simply means that they’ve detected BOClean suckling, and that’s a worry … there are NOT incompatibilities, and as long as you don’t have a BUNCH of kernel-watchers on your system, no problem … but there ARE limits … if more than they allowed “sockets” are eaten, and there’s no more nipple, then their software won’t WORK … nor would anyone ELSE left behind when the count’s up! :frowning:

Anyone WONDER yet WHY I wanted to go with COMODO since their firewall is ONE of those? Go with something that WORKS, means BOClean gets a teat … THAT was my concern about those who paid us back in the day … that there STILL be one left for BOClean’s customers … and here we are. :slight_smile:

But no … that’s the reason for that alarm … Kaspersky doesn’t like to be left behind any more than WE do …

Omg Kevin :slight_smile:

Your explanation is very clear, but oh so funny ;D

Greetz, Red.

Still this sounds a bit little hostile from KAV… :o

Hmm, Kav 7 user here… I’ve both installed KAV 7 and BOclean on at least 3 computers and on mine I’ve done it both ways BOClean 1st and KAV second and vice versa… KAV has prompted me but never stopped the install.

This has nothing to do with Kaspersky, but as a result of reading the thread, an idea popped in my head. I don’t know if this is feasible or practical from a programming standpoint, as I don’t know whether or not the OS or other regular applications normally add their own kernal hooks, but if there are only a limited number of “teats” available to hook into the kernal, would it make sense to have your security software use up the available hooks on purpose so that malware would be unable to do so?

In my case this was the first time I had seen that. BOC had already been installed without issue. I had my friend uninstall KAV 6 completely first and then attempt install of KAV 7. When I got the “warning”, for a better word, I simply shut down BOC and uninstalled it and then let the KAV installation continue figuring we could reinstall BOC later. We didn’t try to continue on with the install so it might have continued. Good to know info otherwise.

Thanks Kevin for your explanation.