KAV 7.0 flagged "Keyscrambler" as keylogger - fp? [Resolved]

today, proactive defense in KAV 7.0 flagged my good old “Keyscrambler” (QFX Software) as a keylogging device (while I was working with Opera). This must surely be an FP???
Any ideas?

If I’m not wrong then Keyscramble use clipboard to copy keystrokes. KAV regconize it as keylogger is understandable. However, KAV better include KSB in safelist.

It’s normal that CAVS can’t tell between a benign keylogger and a malicious one, it’s a good thing that it detects the behaviour as suspicious in the first place. I don’t know CAVS but is there not an option to exclude known programs as in BOClean, since this one isn’t in the safelist of the current version?

Thanks for your most enlightening replies!!!
That’s what I thought but you set my mind completely at ease. I’ve also told KAV to trust Keyscrambler, so no alerts anymore.
BTW, Japo, I’m not using CAVS (used it before, found it didn’t play well with my system, decided to wait for the final version) but KAV (Kaspersky Antivirus).
Thanks for your help.
grampa. (:WAV)

Ah I thought KAV was argot for CAVS since this is the CAVS forum. :smiley: I don’t use it either for now, but I’m also eagerly looking forward to the final release. :slight_smile:

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