KAV and Comodo V3

Hi all, I used to have Comodo Firewall V3 (R) but add to send my PC for some repairs and they Installed Kaspersky Anti virus and now I don’t know if there are any problem of compatibilities whit this two softwares I read all the pass treads of V2 but there is nothing for V3 of Comodo and KAV 6 so I’m asking because I like Comodo and want to install it but do not want any problems. Thanks for the help keep the good work.

KAV doesnt get along with alot of things. Just go to there site. You can use Avast which is free.



I’m curious: why did the repair shop install KAV 6? The latest release is

Vettetech’s right about potential incompatibilities between KAV and other security applications. However, I have KAV 7.0 working well with the latest version of CFP.

I’m also running the latest version of Kaspersky AV ( and installed CFP3 a few weeks ago with KAV running. I’ve had no problems at all, but just to make sure, I’ve added the Comodo exe file to Kaspersky’s safe file list. Hope this helps.


Vettetech i used to have Avast 4.7 home with Comodo V3 before they need it to format my Hard drive and work perfect I’m waiting for some time to go back to Avast until they have some more time to work whit the new version.

USSS don’t know why they did not install version 7 of Kaspersky maybe they use a non legal key or some thing like that who knows a some people do they work.

So the answer for me going back to Avast Home and Installing Comodo V3 because Kaspersky maybe great but it’s a hassle to install a new version you have to uninstall the version you got and whatnot.

Keep the great work whit Comodo (L)

Anytime I tried KAV, even the latest version it slows my pc to a crawl. Web browsing is also very slow. I am now using Avira Premium 8 and its awesome.