Kaspersky v. Official

Here it is official. Gonna try it myself.

Uninstalled NOD32…Uninstalled Comodo…Installed KAV…Installed Comodo… :BNC :■■■■

Thanks Chet.

How to correctly update Kaspersky Anti-Virus/ Kaspersky Internet Security from version to version

Improvements (compared to build
1. Implemented functionality decreasing the number of restarts when updated application modules are released.

2. Implemented functionality for automatic extension of the license to use Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

3. Added opportunity to activate the application from the command line. 

Known issues:

1. During first launch of very large (1 GB and larger) executables Kaspersky Anti-Virus analyzes them for a long time (5-10 minutes) displaying no information to users.

2. While the virus scan task is running, the counter of checked objects in the report window is not updated. Correct value is only displayed when the task completes.

3. Extra "Help" link appears in the password entry dialog during scanning of password-protected archives. Pressing the link is identical to pressing the "Skip" button.

4. The Security Analyzer Wizard can recognize incorrectly the Windows Update settings in Microsoft Windows Vista.

5. If the virus scan task is configured in the "Run mode" to run "After update", the task starts only if the application database has been updated successfully during an update session.

6. If you are working with programs running in full-screen mode, the pop-up windows of Kaspersky Anti-Virus may blink. To activate pop-up windows, left-click with the mouse in any part of a pop-up window, then the window of the running full-screen application window will be minimized.</blockquote>


Hi Vette

Are you finally going to get rid of NOD32 and embrace Kaspersky. It is a fantastic piece of software.


I always liked KAV but any time I have tried it in the past it slows my pc down especially browsing. KAV 8.0 is working great. Smaller memory usage then NOD32. Sweet GUI. My only one complaint is that my XP Knight Rider loading screen takes about 10 seconds longer then with NOD32 but nothing is perfect. I have the Proactive Defense enabled. Everything is as it comes and it seems to be playing nicely with My Little Dragon.

i installed kav 854 over the old build and didnt need to uninstall comodo, that’s a good new.

Thats cause you had KAV installed already. Are you on XP?

I think this KAV/KIS .454 is not official yet, it’s a TR (technical release) :slight_smile:

No it is official. Check there site. They updated there site and all.

This is the real trial :slight_smile:

Trails are sometimes not the same version as the official. NOD32 does this. Hate to said it Comm but 454 is out and official.

I just signed up for an official 30 trail and my emailed version is 454. My cousin just bought KAV and his version is 454.

Yes, I know it is hard to believe after the dozens of alphas, betas, TRs, NCTs, and RCs Kaspersky has released over the past year and a half, but this is official.

Kaspersky 2009 is complete.

Unfortunately in KAV they took out archive support and rootkit detection, both is for KIS. They also completley re wrote their engine, I would wait before trying it. Im sure its good. I switched from KAV to NOD 32, because KAV was interfering with my web browsing after my reformat, and uh KAV keys aren’t ‘fun’ to deal with ;).

Are you sure?

No real time as is needed if you have a good av. Comodo and KKAV 09 working great together.

PC Tools heavy on resources and Kaspersky not? That’s a surprise… I have seen nothing heavier and bloated than this ■■■■. I have it installed on my computer at work - when it starts scanning I can’t do anything. Besides it recognizes system files as viruses…

Excuse me but don step on a thread if you haven’t tried current versions. See me screen shot here. KAV 09 uses very low resources and doesn’t slow your pc down what so ever. When is the last time you tried KAV I might ask.

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Yes, go to kaspersky.com, and compare KAV to KIS.

Version 2009 and I’m using it on ongoing basis on my company computer with XP SP3 (unfortunately I have no other option). One of the recent updates killed my Windows, I had to reinstall it. I repeat once more: when it starts scanning something I can’t do anything else during that time - the whole system freezes. The same happens on other computers.