Kaspersky Protection (extention) in Comodo Dragon browser

Hello! Tell me please, is it possible that Comodo Dragon browser will work correctly with Kaspersky Protection (browser extention)?
And what I need to do for that? (i.e. to delete Comodo Web Inspector etc.)


I have also kaspersky and i have same problem kaspersky protection is not compatible with comodo :confused:

Did you tried contact kaspersky support? I tried.


I also tried but they’re just telling that Comodo Dragon is not suitable for Kaspersky protection. But nevertheless as you may be noticed it is possible to install this extension in CD but the question is how it works in it:)


Must ask always them. Now is added support for Edge browser by kaspersky.

You can install kaspersky protection extension on CD but does not work (will be greyed out) not green.