Kaspersky & Bitdefender


Bit - If I am right it has sign, heur & behav protection

Kas - It has sign, heur, behav, sandbox & more protection, right?

KIS is better than BIS?

Wot U guyz say?

I have Kaspersky Workstation on my office comp. I have never seen there sandbox. Maybe I missed it?

I’ve installed the trial version of Bitdefender Total security 2013 in a VM. It is essentially an AV with a crippled FW and without HIPS. I’ve played 10 min with it and had seen enough of it.

KIS Антивирус Касперского® для Windows Workstations

Def go for Kas. 2013 version is well good.

I believe Bitdefender has better signature, but correct me if I am wrong.

Can be argued… Both as good… At the end of the day… It’s down to personal choice not which is better…

I find both have excellent signatures. But besides signatures BitDefender only has Behaviour & may be cloud but Kaspersky has more protective features & is little better like some kind of sandbox & infection reversal.

I agree KAS esp new one is better.

only thing is kaspersky uses close to 50mb of ram. CIS 6 uses about 10 or so.

He only want to know which is better Kas or BitDef. That’s all. Not CIS. Please do let us know which product Kas or BitDef use more RAM?

http://www.matousec.com/projects/proactive-security-challenge-64/results.php 8) 88)

If I had to pick I would pick kaspersky over bitdefender.

Good choice! :slight_smile: :-TU

Yes, Kaspersky is quite good layered security compared to Bitdefender with strong signature detection & cleaning with other good features too.

In terms of quality and layered security, yes, Kaspersky’s indeed a better choice. But if I were to choose, I’d opt for bitdefender for these reasons:

  1. Bitdefender gives me better startup time than kaspersky though, of course, this varies from one system to another.
  2. Bitdefender is less obtrusive than Kaspersky.
  3. Bitdefender gives me more control in its quarantine (though I suppose this may be highly subjective)
  4. Bitdefender’s got a free (Romanian) version (again, subjective)
  5. Kaspersky’s layered security can be substituted with free separate-install programs (which I prefer since it gives me more control such as start-up, memory usage, troubleshooting, alternatives and such other things)

My suggestion goes with Bitdefender since

Couldn’t have said it better.

Ben using Kapersky from the 2007 version to the last 2012.
Just have wenn expired purchased new licence and off you go.
Whats happened in January 2012 was for me a shocker >:-D
First a local PC market in London where always have purchased a new box with the CD showed me the bud finger ,because the broke the agrement with Kaspersky and the sell only Norton and Mcafee.
Online the price was doppelt so high and a get realy upset of them.
Will not hunting after if they do not like me .
But the bigest shocker was wenn have unistaled Kaspersky :o my PC start run like a formel 1 bolid.
The speed and functioanlity was realy uknow for me before.
Dasway a start to test diferent programs .First was Werboot -very light but unresponsible ,next Bitdefender-heavy like Kaspersky . Have tested loooooot of them and have found mister proper Comodo ;D
What a like about Comodo is not only the security system ,there is mutch more .You can complete a full suite and together with Comodo program manager,Comodo system utilitys,Comodo cleaning essential - plus Comodo DNS and Dragon You are as safe as possible.

A verry big plus is the Geek Buddy -have 3 times a conversation and we have resolved problems -most important that the Geek Buddy does not care how mutch time you need - the stay with you as long a you need and the problems are sortet out.
Kaspersky have someting like technical support ,but if you contact them ,no one talk to you ,you have to send to them a file or write about you problems ,then you have to wait and wait some times even 1 month for answer :-
Just start a full scan with Kaspersky and you need 8-10 hours to wait ,the memory and CPU usage just kill the computer.
Comodo does not still the speed and memory from my PC whats very important and work GREAT.
Thanks for every body you are a great team People and everyting for FREE :-TU

I see your point but the topic is only about Kaspersky or Bitdefender. Sure Comodo is better for me as well :slight_smile:

Why not try out kaspersky AV along with the Comodo Firewall…I used it for almost 2 years and it is awesome ;D

they should rename topic to Kaspersky & Bitdefender & comodo. If you guys are gonna talk about comodo as well