Kapersky Internet Security 2011 free

Hey guys, for those who are interested in Kapersky’s product. Now you have the chance to grab free one year license key from Kapersky. Below is the link:

Should I grab this?

I’m current having 165 days left in my current license ???

looks extremely dodgy to me.
stick with comodo.


KIS is not said to be bad.

But i shan’t be free after the first year: why go in the hassle of setting something if having to change it few months later.

im not slamming kaspersky at all.
but all this chinese stuff looks dodgy to me.

Populating the xenophobic mood?

Kaspersky is russian.

yes im aware its russian.named after natalya kaspersky former wife of eugene.
Funnily enough i tried the 2011 version on another computer and the update was in chinese.!!
most strange.

Where is your location ?

I’m trying to configure update server to the nearest country. China is very near from my location It should be better than default server located in Netherlands.

Tried before, and would not use even if offered free key… and the forum community is not a patch on Comodo’s, they can be very hostile… lol.

im in the united kingdom.

I have never tired kaskpersky but it seems to be very good and accurate. One thing I have heard is that your performance will be lower.

Langguy99 did a review and it didn’t do to good for paying 60-80$.

I agree with Darren. Stick with comodo.

Valentin N

I have actually tried a 30-day trial of kaspersky on my 32-bit computer.
I didnt like the continual nag screens reminding me to buy it.
And comodo offers better protection in my opinion and its totally free.
Im not bashing kaspersky in the slightest i think it gives good protection but its nearly 50 pounds here in the uk and i find that a bit steep.
I always find that most security companies are just in it for the money and couldnt care less about the end user.
Thats my opinion anyhow for whats its worth.