Just wondering if my security software has any conflicts I should know about

Hello everyone,

I’m a new user here and I’m building a new computer and this is what I have on my system (Windows 7):

*Avast! home AV (I disabled the network shield because it sounds redundant and I have the others on)
*Comodo Firewall with Defense+ enabled (no AV installed from this)
*MalwareBytes Anti Malware scanner
*Iobit Security 360 with the active protection off (just use this as a backup scanner and for a few tools just in case as I’m sure the active protection would conflict with one of the above four; I might get rid of it in favor of a better on demand malware scanner)
*Firefox browser with pretty much all the essential security add ons

So my question is what type of conflicts is this setup going to have? I’ve heard that Threatfire is a good compliment to Avast, but I’m wondering about how Comodo’s Defense+ conflicts with Avast and/or Threatfire (if at all).

I’m using MSE, Comodo’s FW and D+ and ThreatFire. MBAM on demand. It’s a similar set-up to yours.
I have noticed no conflicts. As long as the AV is concerned they were not suppose to be. As to ThreatFire, theoreticly a behaviour blocker should work along with a HIPS, and in my case they do. But I have CIS in FW Security Configuration, D+ in Clean PC Mode and ThretFire in level 3 (Launch Control unchecked); everything set to “no agressive” I would say.
So, I’m not sure how things would work on more agressive levels. But you can allways play with the settings and find out what suits you best.

Just to update this, I took off the Iobit stuff because I’ve heard on the Avast forums they’re basically ripping off Malware Bytes.