Just updated and semi-Bricked Windows

I am on my Netbook. I am updated CIS because a update was pushed on my laptop and now after a sucessful install it Bricked Windows it start up to login screen and locks up. it took total 4 cutting power and restartings to get windows working again.

Windows XP Professinal SP3

Try loading the ‘last Known Good’ configuration from the F8 boot options.

that did work.

If you’re having a problem updating CIS via automatic update, you may be better of exporting your configuration, uninstalling, installing the new version, then importing your configuration.

This problem has been rerported by various users. Temporarily disabling the ARP cache protection may solve the problem.

Since two hours there is an update from .1382 to .1383. It is not clear yet what it fixes.

My 3G speeds up at night what I will do all my computers will have to run the old verison then tonight I will download the latest setup file. During the Day my 3G Home internet slows down to 56Kbps sustained stream.

The update from 1382 to 1383 is only a small one. You can download it with the program updater and not upset the download limit if your connection. That will save you the download of the installer.

Notice that on the download page of Comodo the default installer is the one with both the 32 and 64 bits versions. You need to use the drop down menu to get the 32 or 64 bits versions.