Just tried HitManPRO =/, think it's trying to scare me

I was curious with HitManPRO since I havent used it in quite some time, so I had it do a scan and it detected 4 reg keys (2 Babylon n 2 FunMoods) and also SysWOW64\regw2.exe as Hoax.Win32.BadJoke!IK

I scanned it with CIS 5 and Malwarebytes n nothing so im thinking that Ikarus has it flagged as malware, I think this installed with 1 of my Adobe programs.

I sent it to Comodo for analysis and to Dr.Web n Ikarus as well, just to be sure. Other than that I dont think I have anything, I used CIS since somewhere in V3 so I feel safe.

I have tried to use Comodo FileVS to check the file, but the servers seem to be flooded or offline cause I receive: Process:Active | Auto Result: Malware | Final Result: Malware , “The FileVS system is too busy to query the result for you! Please try it later!”

I also scanned it with Kaspersky and Avira, they detect the script portion of the .exe as malware

It’s an adware so most of the AV’s will fail to detect it (as it’s not a malware at worst riskware) including Malwarebytes. Hitman PRO does detect such things. You can remove these using Hitman PRO or manually really. But you are safe.

Also some AV’s will detect riskware as the malware. It would help me if you can upload this into virus total and provide a link here so we 100% sure.