Just Signed Up for Comodo Code Signe Cert - help

We have just signed up for Comodo Code Signing Cert for 3 yrs (via reseller gogetssl). What credentials are required to be submitted for India based businesses? (we are a private limited company based in Bangalore, India).

Also, how the business name will be displayed on the certificate? Does it display as “Anand Software and Training” or “Anand Software and Training Pvt. Ltd.”?


Username in Comodo: anandsoft
Business name: Anand Software and Training Pvt. Ltd.
Website: http://www.anandsoft.com/

When I logged in to Comodo, it says “Awaiting Corporate Documentation”. However, I have not received any email requesting any documents. How do I know what documents need to be sent, and where to send?

Any help appreciated.

Code sign reference: 19465116

It might be better if you submit a ticket here, please note you have to register first.