Just Released BlitzBlank 1.0 Version - 3/24/2010

BlitzBlank 1.0 Version

Removes infections that nothing else removes.

Removes locked files
Destroys registry entries
Disables drivers
Full scripting support
32 and 64 bit support
Only 1 MB, no setup


(Works likes HijackThis or Malwarebytes File Assassin)

Concerning BlitzBlank and Malwarebytes, fine, but it still assumes that you are able to load into the gui?

If not, one should always manage, before the crash, to have under hand, if not safe mode, at least some third-party booting device, it can be another OS on another disk/partition, a live CD…

i HATE Hijackthis: internet is flooded with reports by people having previously done everything they could to be “hijacked”, and most generally neither themselves, neither people answering understand a single word in the said reports. Moreover, isn’t Hijackthis merely a reporting, but not itself cleaning tool?

HijackThis can be used manually to delete files such as malware files, but the user has to know what they are doing and the same is true with BlitzBlank. You can use BlitzBlank in any mode including safe mode and it does not require installing and is used to remove unwanted files or block them.

HijackThis has nothing to with your computer being Highjacked!!! All it does is scan and show you files that maybe malware and it is the users choice of which files to remove. It does not prevent malware, etc. nor does it remove it on it’s own. Malwarebytes File Assassin is a file removal tool.

I know Hijack This is only a scanning tool, but i see no reason of running it if you don’t think having been “hijacked” by some malware.

Thats the purpose of the tool. If your infected run the tool and find and remove the malware.