Just how many updates are there?

the program has been informing me that there are updates and I installed and restarted 5 times now and it’s still popping up that there is new update

I am on 5.5.195786.1382, just how many more updates to go? is there some fatal error that needs the program to be updated this many times? or am I just not getting the update installed on my computer?

The update from v 5.4 to v 5.5.195786.1382 is a two step process. It needed to install a new binary to be able to update to 5.5. That makes it a two step process with two reboots.

However because of a problem with the update servers part of the user had received and older version of the firewall driver inspect.sys. This had to be set straight. Part of this everybody gets their version number updated to 5.5.195786.1383. That is a third step.

Where are you checking the version number? Under More → About? What Windows version are you on? From what CIS version were you updating?