just great - won't close properly

…now dragon won’t close without this ■■■■ even after reboot - when is this going to get right - how long of a wait is it going to be for a fix for this - don’t tell me to uninstall & do it over - I’ve done that sooooooooooooo many times for Comodo products, I’m just not willing to put my hard drive through that anymore - if I have to uninstall it, It’s the last time & goodbye - on to something else…CD

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Все нормально работает, не паникуй ;D

English: Everything works fine, do not panic!

Just re-install v26 ( if you keep the installers until after updating that is ) … It will ask you if you want to Downgrade to 26 if you installed 26.1 and no problems thereafter ( Well apart from v26 then informing you theres an update … Skip this update :slight_smile: )

Нет, это не нормально работать

Apart from closing it does.

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now and I had the same problem before it was all good :-\

Did you file a bug report providing the crash logs?

Are you using something like Windows Blinds to change how your Windows looks? Are your graphics drivers up to date?

Your images suggest you are using a Windows 9 developer build. If that’s the case then stop complaining as Dragon is not developed for that platform.

I think he’s running xp. the “i” in windows is doted with a mac apple

…THE Apple® logo is just Win time & date shortcut /w/ a custom .ico icon, as all the rest…

It looks like you are using an adapted theme in Windows. That may be causing this.

Can you uninstall the theme pack and try running Dragon again and see if that helps or not.

…it’s not an installed thing, it’s the stock “silver” theme that comes /w/ XP, hence this post last night: https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cd/comodo-dragon-ver-261-is-now-available-for-download-t93911.0.html
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…never had a prob /w/ anything because of it - been running it for years - in light of the posts from others seeing the “closing crash report” since this update, & the fact that I have only had it since this update, I’m sure it’s not my computer - waiting for a fix /w/ everybody else - oh yeah, I hate the ugly XP “blue”…

You are making some modifications as stated in the other topic:

Please try temporarily uninstalling these to see if they are involved in the instability or not.

…here’s what I did: the BGInfo is a Sysinternals program that I used to create the text hardware profile in the upper RH corner of my desktop, (BS story of course), then I took, & saved a screenshot of that on top of the Win9 pic, & that is what you see - the BGInfo program was uninstalled a while back, (like a year) - the Viorb, Style7 desk clock, process explorer, & openhardwaremonitor are all set to start manually, NOT AUTOMATICALLY /w/ windows, so I can choose weather I want to see it or not - an update came for IceDragon so it DL’d & installed - I did my routine CCleaner, & defrag that I do every day before shutdown, then shutdown, & restarted, DID NOT start the apps in question, so they are not running, & the Dragon crash dialog at close still happens, but a lot less, very intermittently, since last night when I unchecked all of the “clear at close” items in the Dragon settings - it’s not so much of a freak-out anymore, both in concept or regularity, & I’m thinking the next Dragon update should, (I hope) solve this for everybody that’s experiencing this issue - It’s only since this version so I’m not going to uninstall anything…

I started getting Comodo Dragon sudden crashes out of the blue on closing my browser as well.

Do you let Dragon clean cache on exit? There are a couple of reports from people that this makes Dragon crash upon closing.

Yes. Didn’t know that. Could be… Thanks. The only Q is why now? I never had this issue before and I had it enabled for a long time now.

Hi Seany007,
The only answer I have for “why”, is a bug entered the Dragon. ;D
Let us hope it is resolved with the next update.

Oh yeah. I didn’t ask for the A because you might know. It was a rhetorical question :slight_smile: