Just a thought... concerning Comodo Heroes etc.

Well, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m not…

Just recently, I got a feeling.
A certain feeling that people I’ve never heard about before, tend to enter this forum equipped with a certain COMODO HERO (because of 500 plus or so) status.

I just wonder where do they come from.
I tend to welcome them, everytime I see one of them. As I love to be oh so nice, always… :slight_smile:

But I am seriously in doubt that they all came here as normal people usually do, started a life at this board, became friends with the board etc.

It seems some of them come from out of nowhere.

Well, maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but I sincerely fear the board policies are somewhat undermined now.

Correct me, if I am wrong, please, but I am honestly fearing for this board being in danger of losing itself.

Still, cheers

In the mean time (yes mean_time)


almost always yours.

THINK, don’t just DISCUSS

Hey m8 :slight_smile:

I am not sure what you mean :-\ But you can find for every forum member their whole posting history and statistics. That should give you a pretty good idea who you are dealing with :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Maybe it’s a part of ganda’s invasion of the Earth?
No, but seriously. Just because you haven’t heard of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. This might be because they’re operating on parts of the forums you don’t spam write in too often (like the international boards), or because they’ve been inactive on the forums for some time.


I am always amazed by this behaviour, on so many forums, aiming to think or to make think that one’s competences or lack of competences should have whatever relation to the number of posts of that person.

As a corollary, one might think some of the local stars are self-sufficient enough to stay as proud of their chocolate medals as any dictatorial country’s officer whose chest looks just like a cheap jewelry.

Why, in the first place, any “ranking” on a forum? Does this function aim to tell everyone that someone who would have posted a singe message is without any doubt a moron whereas whatever should be written by some 5000 stars guy is always clever?

Hi Rebol,i can certainly see where your coming from but think the people who use this forum are a great mix and dont condone you for maybe not knowing something that is basic. I have only really got into computers in the last couple of years(after spending many in a state of oblivion and addiction) but from my experiance, by reading through this forum you know that if you see XXXX has answered somebodies question that there may be something in there that i can learn from. Personally i feel that although i am no computer expert(i dont work with them,im a spark)that this forum has tought me more and pointed me in the right direction more times than any, so i am now able to help others in a small way as a great many who frequent here have helped me.

Just checking out all the old topics is a great learning tool and by using the links,tips etc you can move that little bit deeper into the workings of what your computer actually does.
I read topics like the" nlite|" thread and think yeah some day i want to do that,but i also read the “where`s Ganda” thread,then have a giggle.

I don`t know but i think this mix makes it unique.

Anyway as a final word i`d like to say “Good Health” to all and Danke


I don’t think policies are comprimised. You can see everyone’s posts… you won’t be able to find a comodo hero where they haven’t actually done the time and posted whatever number is necessary to post.

As humans we have to learn everything from the time of birth. Even to take our first breath.

We are here to help and learn each other whatever sort of people we are. And therefore get some know-how.

What I don’t know maybe someone other know and vice versa.

With that said (V)

Don’t play with fire a bear (sometimes disguised as a human) >:(

Disguised? Don’t throw stones in a house made of glass ;D

I agree that the term newbie could be changed,since ‘newbie’ and ‘noob’ are often used as derogatory comments toward inexperienced pc users.Perhaps something like Comodo’s Cadet might be better. :Beer

Personally I never judge the quality of a comment by the number of stars,after all three quarters of my own posts are just rambling and drivel (:LGH)

I’m so glad that I’m on the road to recovery that I’m going to have a few beers to celebrate :Beer

No, that would sound like we’re building up an army. Newcomer should be good enough, since that’s what they are.
And please take away your alcohol (:WIN)

I don’t know,we are kind of building up an army here to destroy the evil of malware. (R)

Don’t worry about the beer it was non-alcoholic lager (:LGH)

??? yura who?

:frowning: i’m gonna blast you with my laser beam, after i destroy my ISP :stuck_out_tongue: